Smart Water Heaters

Unless you use a tankless water heater that will heat water on-demand, you’re almost certainly paying continuously to maintain hot water that you won’t require for hours. It’s through this energy use that water heaters make up such a large slice of the average household’s energy use pie.

A tankless system is one way to cut out the waste, but it can be quite a pricey upgrade — the heater itself costs considerably more than a traditional water heater, and installation might involve extensive plumbing and electrical work. Fortuitously, smart technology is helping home owners take a smarter approach to water heater energy efficiency without having to break the bank.

Control and Data at Your Command

Smart technology is transforming the way homeowners connect to their water heaters in two important ways: it’s putting control at their fingertips, and it’s giving them better information about how much hot water has been used and when it’s getting used.

Most smart water heater systems can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet app. These apps may be used to manually alter water heater settings from anywhere on the planet with a web connection, and they usually allow for sophisticated water heater energy schedules.

But the serious value of smart technology is in the collection and examination of information about your own water behaviors. The best systems can track your hot water usage for several days and recommend personalised water heater schedules that enable you to save energy during those hours-long periods when no one is using hot water — like when everyone is at work and school.

And since you’ll be able to remotely control your water heater from anyplace with a smartphone, you can readily override your configuration settings in the event that your schedule unexpectedly changes.

The Right Tech for You

Introducing smart technology to your water heater system doesn’t automatically demand a major investment according to the Manchester plumbers we spoke to. Retrofittable smart monitoring systems like Aquanta may be set up on most active water heaters..

Having a plumber check your water heater and plumbing network is a efficient way to identify your full-range of possibilities. If you’re considering an upgrade to a tankless system, this can be a very important step to getting a detailed estimate.